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Project Description



Solar Amber Traffic Blinker Lights are being used where we want to illustrate the traffic to put your speed slow as an alternate to speed breaker. This color is easy to be recognized even in cloudy days and glows high in the dark time.

Key Features of Solar Amber Blinker Lights:-

  • Low Power Consumption (less than 5W, 1/10th of incandesce lamp)
  • Backup up to five continuous cloudy days
  • 40 – 50 flashes per minute
  • High bright, focused and low power consumption LED’s of Ever-Light or equivalent.
  • Built-in Battery System for anti-theft protection
  • In case of battery voltage deep, the blinker will continue it’s functioning in the presence of Sun.
  • It produces the minimum of 800 meters visibility at daytime while 1 to 1.3 km at the night time which is much higher than the desired.
  • “Fit and Forget Device”
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Technical Data

01. Model Number EI-STBN-01 EI-STBDN-01
02. Display color Amber Amber
03. Working Hours 12 Hours 24 Hours
04. System Voltage 12V / 24V DC 12V / 24V DC
05. Solar PV Module MNRE & IEC Certified MNRE & IEC Certified
06. Battery In built SMF In built SMF
07. Aspect diameter 300 mm 300 mm
08. Dusk to Down Operation Yes (Turns on @Sunset, Turns off @Sunrise) Not required as it has to function day and night
09. Visibility More than 500 meters (as per NHAI standards) More than 500 meters (as per NHAI standards)
10. Autonomy 4 – 5 days 4 – 5 days
11. LED Driver efficiency Greater than 95% Greater than 95%
12. Ideal current consumption Less than 2 mA Less than 2 mA
13. Lamp intensity (center lux) Greater than 330 cd (as per NHAI standards) Greater than 330 cd (as per NHAI standards)
14. LED Wave-length Amber 590±5 nm Amber 590±5 nm


  • Road divider and under construction sites.
  • Medium to heavy traffic zones.
  • National Highway, Express Highways, State Highways
  • Roadside indications etc.
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