Solar Traffic Blinker Set

//Solar Traffic Blinker Set
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Project Description



Solar Traffic Blinker Light set comprises of Solar Panel, Solar Blinker Luminary with a built-in battery system, clamps and necessary accessories including nut and bolts along with Solar Pole.

Key Features of Solar Traffic Blinker Set:-

  • Low Power Consumption (less than 5W, 1/10th of incandesce lamp)
  • Constant light output, even with variations in supply
  • Backup up to five continuous cloudy days
  • 40 – 50 flashes per minute
  • Low output degradation and with the even distribution of light
  • Built-in Battery System for anti-theft protection
  • In case of battery voltage deep, the blinker will continue it’s functioning in the presence of Sun.
  • “Fit and Forget Device”
  • Comes with standards installation manual and properly corrugated box packing along with plastic thin film wrapped pole.
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Technical Data

01. Model Number EI-STBN-01 EI-STBDN-01
02. Display color Red / Amber / Green Red / Amber / Green
03. Working Hours 12 Hours 24 Hours
04. System Voltage 12V / 24V DC 12V / 24V DC
05. Solar PV Module MNRE & IEC Certified MNRE & IEC Certified
06. Battery In built SMF In built SMF
07. Aspect diameter 300 mm 300 mm
08. Dusk to Down Operation Yes (Turns on @Sunset, Turns off @Sunrise) Not required as it has to function day and night
09. Visibility More than 500 meters (as per NHAI standards) More than 500 meters (as per NHAI standards)
10. Autonomy 4 – 5 days 4 – 5 days
11. LED Driver efficiency Greater than 95% Greater than 95%
12. Ideal current consumption Less than 2 mA Less than 2 mA
13. Pole Specs 75mm outer diameter 1.6mm thickness MS yellow powder coated for identification 75mm outer diameter 1.6mm thickness MS yellow powder coated for identification


  • Road divider and under construction sites.
  • Medium to heavy traffic zones.
  • National Highway, Express Highways, State Highways
  • Roadside indications etc.
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