Traffic Signal Light Enclosure

//Traffic Signal Light Enclosure
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Project Description


Polycarbonate Traffic Signal Housing / Body / Cabinet

Traffic Signal Enclosure Cabinet Body made up of polycarbonate material is manufactured, supplied and exported with a premium quality and durability satisfying all the national and international safety standards. These Enclosures are made to withstand extreme environmental conditions and provide sustainable life so that entire electronic system built in remains protected and delivers the designated result on built up mechanical and illuminative transparency part.

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Key Features of Traffic Signal Cabinet

  • Pure 300mm lens diameter as per the actual norms
  • Higher withstand ability to impact strength
  • Fire retardant
  • Highest sustainability to temperature
  • One side Mat and One side Glossy Sun Visor
  • Designed and developed to operate for higher life
  • Enclosure can in-house almost all lithium iron, lithium phosphate and SMF batteries
  • IP 65 Body
  • With “Made in India” emboss for Government Supply

Applications to manufacture

  • Traffic Signal Lights
  • Toll Plaza Lights
  • Blinker Lights
  • Walk and Stop Lights
  • OLHS Lights
  • Pedestrian Signal Lights
  • Timer Signal Lights etc.