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Project Description



Traffic Blinker Lights with LED lamp almost makes the net consumption of lamp to 1/10th. Basically Traffic Blinker Signal Lights work on Electric Supply and they are employed at the place where in nearby the supply of electricity is available and for the indication of road junction, maiden or speed breaker element.

Key Features of LED Traffic Blinker Light:-

  • High Energy Saving and High Brightness with Lower Power Consumption made of Ever-Light LEDs.
  • Premium quality of LEDs working for more than 50,000 hours.
  • Easy to install.
  • Low output degradation.
  • Even distribution of Light.
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Technical Data

01. Model Number EI-ETB-01p
02. Working Time 230 V ; 50 Hz A.C. Operated
03. Type of Blinker Single Side
04. LED Type 5 mm round
05. LED Panel Size 12” (300mm) diameter
06. Material of the Body Metal Sheet with weather proof coating / Polycarbonate
07. No. of LEDs 180
08. Color Red / Amber / Green
09. Controller Circuit / Card In built and embedded with all the necessary protections including reverse polarity protection
10. Total LED Power Less than 4 W

Note: Model can also be customized to suit export requirements and fit voltage ranges like 220V, 110V etc.


  • Road divider and under construction sites.
  • Roadside indications.
  • Entry gates.
  • Townships.
  • Factory inner covering roads etc.
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